Walk in bath fitting Milverton

Consultation for Walk in bath fitting Milverton

Walk in bath fitting MilvertonAt Latent Walk in bath fitting Milverton, we ask to ensure that we may discuss your basic necessities for the work being done if you’ll have the ability to come and spend a bit of time with us in the showroom. Love a relaxed browse the showroom to see if anything promptly takes your fancy and chat with one among our advisers.

With thoughts and the right measurements, details about your taste and what you want, we should be able propose an accurate representation of what it really is you are searching for and to draw up.


This really is stuff that is essential. The technical survey is where we can determine the limit and chances of workspace. Please use this chance to also ask any more questions to the current workman and voice any choices you’ve got for the work. We can start with the work when everything continues to be accumulated.


Our services at¬†Latent Walk in bath fitting Milverton still continue after the work has been finished and everything continues to be installed. We will give to you a series of help and guide sheets relating to everything in your bathroom in one package that is helpful. Additionally, obviously, you’re free to contact us at any stage if you encounter any technical problems after the work has been done. We are always contactable by phone or by using the contact form furnished on this particular site.


One of the best things about our service is that, aside from deciding on the toilet for you, we’ll do literally all of the work. We will strip and then dispose of your old toilet on our own site before taking care of everything else such as the plumbing, tiling, plastering, joinery and anything else that needs attention.

Because of the fact that we are just a family based business, you may continually be coping with no one else, us, and exactly the same people. For example, the one who helps you and organises the disposal of the old bathroom will even be the one to oversee positioning and the fitting of your new toilet.

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